About us

Kaizen was founded by a group of paint experts in Giza, Egypt, as an investment company with great ambitions and aspirations.

In a short time founders' efforts, through their vision and experience, led to rapid growth by setting the company's basic rules. In this context, the company strives to become the leader in the development and production of innovative high quality paints characterized by modernity, environmental safety and innovation, which are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of customers whether industrial or commercial, enrich the national economy and interact with the national industry initiative and pave the way for young Egyptians to develop their skills

And develop their technical and technical capabilities through practical training. The company spares no effort to establish partnerships with outstanding customers on the basis of responsibility, human resources and concerted efforts to achieve the highest professional standards and sustainable development in the paint industry. As a result, the company has covered a number of different areas carefully chosen to provide customers with easy access. The company continues its career in discovering the endless potential of the paint industry through its production units and achieving the best value for its products. Kaizen's promise will remain steadfast and consistent in terms of commitment to quality, objectivity and creativity in the manufacture of all its products, as well as the methodology through which it achieves excellence and improves its capabilities. To achieve the highest global standards


Is to provide high quality products and services through innovation, learning and superior operation while establishing excellent relationships with all our partners based on mutual trust.


We are looking to be the first choice for the consumer, and earning respect and trust of all our stakeholders

Our Values

Dedication: To make vigorous efforts towards development and creativity
Cooperation: Working in a team spirit and sharing knowledge experiences which is necessary to accomplish our mission
Flexibility: Making bold decisions to enhance the performance of work flexibly and effectively
Excellence: Provide the best quality and excellence in the completion of our work
Innovation: Continuing to develop creativity among all employees
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